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Ultra Compact Metal Analyzer


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  • Multi-Matrix-System for incoming materials inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys
  • Robust & light, integrated controller unit for routine operation with touch screen
  • Ready for operation after only a few minutes

Performance and Simplicity (Metal Analysis made easy)

Ultra light (less than 20 kg)

Easy of use

 Place the Sample -> Press Start Button -> Complete Analysis (< 30 sec)


Patented Optical System

Active Ambient Compensation (AAC) - provides maximum stability in temperature (10 - 45 degree celcious)

High definition CCD detector  (lowest Dark current) + well proven ClearSpectrum technology provide best-in-class analytical performance.



1) Patented Optical System

Uncoated CCD Detector with lowest dark current

Full spectrum coverage (170-685 nm)

Resolutiom : 30 pm

Argon purged for best transparency


2) Souce Generator

Maintenance-free, two phase PWM Generator

Frequency 50 to 1000 Hz

Spark or Arc-like discharges from 10 us to 2 ms


3) Spark Stand

Maintenance free

Argon consumption2.5 l/min



1) Iron & Steel and its alloy

2) Aluminium and its alloy

3) Copper and its alloys

4) Zinc and its Alloys

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