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G4 ICARUS CS HF - Simultaneous or Individual Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

For rapid and precise Carbon and Sulfur analysis -even at ppm levels- the automatic analyzer G4 ICARUS CS HF proves highly effective, especially with metallic materials. The solid sample, placed in a ceramic crucible, is combusted in a high-frequency furnace in an oxygen stream. The power of the HF furnace is adjustable in order to achieve optimum combustion. The resulting reaction gases CO2?and SO2?are measured by solid-state IR detectors of maximum selectivity and sensitivity. The system is characterized by an easy operation and automatic evaluation by means of an external PC.
The Application
The G4 ICARUS CS HF is suitable for the rapid determination of carbon and sulfur in many different kinds of material, e.g. steel, iron, alloys, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium and alloys, zirconium and alloys, ores, ceramics, cement, limestone, and many more.

The Software
The analysis software of the G4 ICARUS CS HF is clear and simply structured. All tasks to be performed by the software are clearly divided into four different screens.
The Benefits
‧ Short analysis time, nearly maintenance-free operation
‧ Continuously adjustable HF furnace power for optimum sample combustion in ceramic crucible
‧ Analyzer with long term stable, selective NDIR detection system with high resolution, two measuring ranges for CO2?and one for SO2
‧ Automatic base line compensation/zero adjustment, Automatic Level Control (ALC)
‧ Automatic optimum range selection
‧ Easy to operate via external PC with Windows-Software, automatic evaluation, storage of sample information, data storage for follow-up assessment of all analyses
‧ Data transfer via FTP or local network connection possible






 Analysis Screen