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For the determination of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen, the solid sample is fused in a graphite crucible under a flowing inert gas stream. The freely programmable temperature of the electrode furnace is monitored and controlled by a contact-free optical sensor. The evolved measuring gases CO, N2 and H2 are swept by the carrier gas to the high-stable, sensitive detection system, consisting of a selective NDIR-detector for CO (or optional two) and a thermal conductivity cell (TCD) for the detection of N2 or H2. The calibration can be made using reference material (standard samples) or by means of an optionally built in gas dosing unit. An integrated cleaning system for the impulse furnace and an automatic crucible loader, are available as options as well as an external hot extraction furnace with a quartz tube for the determination of diffusible hydrogen.

The Application

The G8 GALILEO is suitable for the rapid determination of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen in many different kinds of material, e.g. steel, iron, alloys, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium and alloys, zirconium and alloys, ores, ceramics, cement and many more.

The Software

The analysis software of the G8 GALILEO is clear and simply structured. All tasks to be performed by the software are clearly divided into four different screens.

The Benefits

  • Short analysis times, automatic operation
  • Programmable temperature up to 2500°C, contact-free optical sensor for temperature measurement and accurate control
  • Easy conversion by software from the simultaneous analysis of Oxygen and Nitrogen to the determination of Hydrogen, external furnace for diffusible Hydrogen optional
  • Long term stable detection system with NDIR detector for CO and thermal conductivity cell for N2and H2
  • Automatic base line compensation/zero adjustment of all detectors, Automatic Level Control (ALC), automatic optimum range selection for all elements
  • Easy to operate via external PC with Windows-Software, automatic evaluation, storage of sample information, data storage for follow-up assessment of all analyses
  • Data transfer via FTP or local network connection possible
  • Instrument also available as single-element analyzer or in other element configurations