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The G4 PHOENIX DH has been developed for the determination of the diffusible hydrogen in different sample matrices. The analysis system comprises a rapid heating infrared clamshell furnace and/or a wire-heated tube furnace, both equipped with a quartz tube for heating of the sample. The diameter of the tube in the infrared furnace is 30 mm so that even big samples like weld seams according to EN/ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3 can be analyzed without problems.

A simple and reliable calibration is guaranteed by the integrated automatic gas dosing unit with 10 different volumes. The heart of the analyzer is a highly sensitive and long term stable thermal conductivity detector for reading even smallest hydrogen contents.

The Application

The G4 PHOENIX DH is suitable for the automatic determination of the diffusible Hydrogen content in solid material, like steel, aluminum, welding materials, weld seams etc.

The Software

The analysis software of the G4 PHOENIX DH is clear and simply structured. All tasks to be performed by the software are clearly divided into four different screens.

The Benefits

  • Temperature programmable infrared furnace, temp. up to 900°C, rapid heating and cooling, tube diameter 30 mm, e.g. for welding samples according to EN/ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3
  • Wire heated tube furnace, temp. adjustable up to 1200°C, tube diameter 18 mm
  • Long term stable thermal conductivity cell with automatic base line compensation/zero adjustment, Automatic Level Control (ALC) and optimum range selection
  • Integrated gas calibration unit with 10 volumes
  • Easy to operate via external PC with Windows-Software, automatic evaluation, storage of sample information, data storage for follow-up assessment of all analyses
  • Evaluation selectable in ppm or ml/100 g
  • Data transfer via FTP or local network connection possible
  • The G4 PHOENIX analysis as well as reporting structure are compliant to norms AWS A4.3 and ISO 3690


 Analysis Screen