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Axio Lab A1 Pol

All-purpose Polarization Microscope


Axio Lab. A1 constitutes an all-purpose polarization microscope for applications in fields such as geology, mineralogy and in the exploration of fossil fuel resources. Systematically designed for use in laboratory routine and education, it convincingly combines practical and comfortable handling with exceptional optical performance.


Key Benefits: 

  • 4-position objective nosepiece – centerable
  • High performance 35W Halogen transmitted light illumination 
  • Numerous contrasting methods and measuring techniques 
  • Integrated analyzer and Bertrand optics

Axio Lab.A1 for Polarization provides maximum performance with all relevant contrasting methods.

  • Transmitted light 
  • Orthoscopy: Linear and circular polarization 
  • Conoscopy 
  • Brightfield 
  • Darkfield 
  • Phase contrast  

Integrated analyzer and Bertrand optics Both analyzer and Bertrand lens are integrated in the instrument and are logically coupled, which makes the conoscopy stand particularly comfortable and easy to work with. Once the Bertrand lens moves into the beam path, this logical interaction causes the analyzer to automatically move into place as well.