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Bruker Nano's QUANTAX CrystAlign EBSD analysis system provides the analyst with an easy to use yet fully functional tool for EBSD measurement and evaluation. The system can also be used in conjunction with the QUANTAX EDS system for simultaneous EBSD and EDS analysis.

In-situ vertically adjustable e-Flash1000 EBSD detector for maximum analytical flexibility
Independent acquisition:

Pattern Streaming with  620 patterns/s (160 x 120 pixels) or 800 patterns/s (80 x 60 pixels)
LED detector position indicator and multiple features for safe operation
Fully software controlled detector with all electronics integrated
Simultaneous EBSD and EDS acquisition at highest possible speed
Easy to use EBSD software with a single user interface
Fast re-indexing with up to 16,000 points/s
Signal Assistant for acquisition setup
Calibration Assistant for geometrical setup
Arbitrarily selectable scan areas