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Image Acquisition
Extended Focus, MosaiX Materials, Mark & Find, Image Enhancement, Autofocus, Panorama, HDR & StitchArt plus
  Extended Focus
Helps you achieve images of 3-dimensional objects that are sharp throughout

MosaiX Materials
Would you like to acquire high-resolution images of large specimens? Then take a look at what MosaiX has to offer.

  Mark & Find
Find – don’t search - automatic relocation of positions that have been marked on a sample
  Image Enhancement
Removing illumination and shading effects is a simple task. Edges are detected and sharpened using combinable filters.
Automatic determination of the optimum focus position for various illumination types and contrast techniques

Single images of objects covering more than one image can now be combined with precision to produce high-resolution composite images



High Dynamic Range expands your camera’s dynamic range and capture high contrasts in your specimens

  StitchArt plus
Extra-long line profiles or image stack arrays extending over hundred times the size of the scan field