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AxioVision for Material Science


Material Science Software for Research and Engineering


Whether you are a modern metallurgist or an expert for steel microstructure analysis - AxioVision will guide you directly to reliable and reproducible results. For easy operation, this imaging software offers a well adapted graphical interface with structured and easy to learn workflows tailored to industrial demands. You and your department will benefit from useful functions like digital segmentation and measurement tools. This allows you for example to investigate the relationship between structures of different materials easily and to analyze their properties.

Image Acquisition


You decide which modules you need to adapt AxioVision to your particular application – whether this involves, for example, large-surface material samples or changing height structures. The images you acquire will always offer you the decisive advantage of additional image information.

Image Processing


Process you materials images using functions like Gray Morphology, Image Arithmetics, Fourier- and Color Transformation. Joined structures can be separated to discrete objects. The result is a ideal prerequisite for other image modules like Automatic Measurement. Of course Imaging Plus provides essential functions for brightness and contrast adjustments of your images too. Remove even image artifacts by eleminating specific parts of the images frequency spectrum.

Image Analysis and Interpretation


Utilize all the information in your images. With our analysis modules you can carry out measurements and segmentation interactively or automatically, according to your requirements.

Software Configuration


Whether you want to automate workflows for day-to-day laboratory work, create your own applications or record the history of your images in accordance with the FDA’s regulations, AxioVision can be configured to meet your own individual requirements.

Features & Functionality

  • Control ZEISS microscopes and components interactively
  • Acquire high-resolution images with up to 16 bit (monochrome) and 3x16 bit (color)
  • Adjust display parameters without manipulation of pixel intensity values
  • Assign annotations and geometric scalings to acquired images instantly
  • Store microscope- and camera settings as meta information directly in the ZVI image
  • Save images in compressed ZVI file format
  • Specific interface configurations for Windows multi-user environment
  • Image import: lsm, bmp, tif, jpg, j2k, jp2, gif, tga, png, cal, mac, msp, ras, pct, eps, wmf, psd, img, cmp
  • Image export (bmp, jpg, j2k, tif, tga, png, psd, img, cmp, avi, mov
  • Assign image annotations
  • Measure intensity profiles like length, area, perimeter, circle or angle interactively
  • Count and mark events on images
  • View multidimensional images in every dimension with the gallery view
  • Compare images in splitter display mode synchronous or independent
  • Generate meaningful reports containing images, data tables and graphs
  • Editor to create customized report layouts
  • Print images in standard magnification
  • Align z-stack images taken with stereo microscopes
  • Use powerfull data processing functions
  • Increase apparent sharpness with Unsharp Masking
  • Adjust exposure time in the live image automatically