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AxioCam ERc 5s


Your 5 Megapixel All-in-one Microscope Camera


The Axiocam ERc 5s microscope camera gives you flexibility in acquiring 5 megapixel color images at an impressive price-performance ratio. Use it on your PC to capture crisp images or as a digital video camera with an exceptional live image for observation of dynamic processes. Or use the full flexibilty of Axiocam ERc 5s as a stand-alone camera in your lab. You can store your images directly on an SD card and transfer them to a computer later. With this ZEISS camera, you are perfectly equipped for a wide range of applications.


-Stand-alone: Skip the connections and just snap away

-View smooth live images conveniently in a large format

-Perform everyday tasks through Labscope iPad imaging app or   ZEN imaging software