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AxioCam IC 1

  AxioCam ICc 1:


Color and a Fast Live Image

The live image of this 1.4-megapixel CCD camera is refreshed up to 28 times per second. This means that you can focus through your samples smoothly and without perceptible delay. You and your employees will benefit from the color fidelity also displayed on the monitor: thus the strain of looking through the eyepiece can be avoided. Even dynamic processes or moving specimens can be monitored conveniently by several people in the live image. Thanks to its good dynamics, we recommend the Axiocam ICc 1 for images in brightfield and phase contrast in particular.



AxioCam ICc 5: 

Your Fast 5 Megapixel Color Camera

With Axiocam ICc 5, you acquire color images exceptionally fast with up to 15 frames per second, at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Document your samples with the full 5 Megapixel resolution of 2452 x 2056 at 9 frames per second.



AxioCam ICm 1:

Monochrome for Bright Fluorescence Signals

This 1.4-megapixel monochrome CCD camera has an expanded dynamic range in relation to the color variant. As a result, you can document bright fluorescence signals with good contrast gradations and an appealing level of quality. In spite of its attractive price, the Axiocam ICm 1 has inherited some of the features of the high-end Axiocams. It allows you to digitize your image data using 12 bits/pixel and make use of functions such as black reference or hot pixel correction. The Axiocam ICm 1 is a particularly attractive option in combination with the AxioVision LE module Fluorescence Lite. Using a manual microscope, you can therefore generate fluorescence images in AxioVision more economically than ever before.