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Portable & On-site Handheld S1 TITAN

Ideal solution for elemental analysis using X-ray Fluorescence



Handheld S1 TITAN is the lightest (1.50kg, with battery) portable analyzer on market. Suitable for



   All in ONE- Features packed Instrument

   Detector Shield    Integrated camera   Sharpbeam   Smart Grade   Fast SDD

(i) New! FREE: Patented TITAN Detector Shield

Ultimate defense against punctured detector

TITAN Detector Shield- Ultimate defense against punctured detector

Solutions with having TITAN Detector Shield:

Patented pending Detector Shield provide peace of minds for use especially for scrap yard.


(ii) SharpBeam Technology

The S1 TITAN's patent pending SharpBeam Technologies optimizes the detector and tube geometry. The optimized geometry has many desirable effects, including

      • reduces power requirements
      • reduces weight
      • Improve measurement precision
      • Improve detection limits
      • Increases battery life


(iii) Integrated Camera and small spot collimator

Provide sample visualization and accurate positioning of measurement spot

Integrated Camera


Integrated Camera with Small spot isolates specific sampling area

      • Camera ensures accurate measurement positioning
      • Save up to 5 images per assay
      • Provides record of measurement spot
      • Images easily import into reports
      • Camera resolution: 640 x 480


(iv) SMART Grade

Determine proper conditions and measurement times for each alloy measured 

Application_Alloy SMARTGrade

Smart Grade provide:

Fast measurement (2-3 sec) for standard alloys

Automatically extended times(10-30 sec) for alloys containing light elements


(v) Fast SDD Technology

Operates at very high count rates and thus provides excellent precision at short measurement times. 

Fast SDD (Silicon Drift Detector) allows for measurement of light elements: Mg, Al, SI, P, S


Capable of analyzing a vast list of materials,(37 elements including light elements: Mg, Al, Si, P, S)

    TITAN Scrap  TITAN PMI  TITAN Mining 

Easy ON-SITE Analysis for: 

- Scrap Metal


- RoHS

- Mining

- More Applications 


Find out more about NEW S1 TITAN 2nd Generation, contact one of our experts now!



Fast Results in seconds with colour coding

1) Requires very little operator training

2) Multiple fields for sample identification

3) Protected from dirt and windblown dust

4) Colour coding results : Red(Out of range), Green (In range), Yellow (Slightly out of range)

5) Extensive Grade Library (400+ Grade definitions)


Optional Accessories

       TITAN Desktop Stand       TITAN Benchtop Stand

                 TITAN Detector Stand                                   TITAN Benchtop Stand     


 Check out the range of Optional Accessories (PDF, 2.15 MB)  available. 





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