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sne 4500m 


SEC Mini SEM SNE-4500M enables QUICK and EASY OPERATION. With the user-friendly software interface, powerful performance and image observation condition within 2 minutes after sample loading, the desktop SEM enables everyone to use it easily!

SNE-4500M capable of high magnification up to 100,000x magnification, with availability of selectable accelerating voltage from 1kv to 30kv (5teps) gives the ability to see varied levels of surface details as a result of different penetration depths according to applications.

SNE-4500M make use of SE Detector and can be equipped with optional BSE Detector which can be used in various applications. It is provide with stage traverse X,Y,R and addition of Z and T axis to help user in imaging analysis.

In addition, SNE-4500M comes with 4-Hole Variable Aperture (30/50/100/200µm) to helps in producing better images quality. 



Resolution : 5nm (30 kV, SE Image)
Magnification : 30x ~ 100,000x
Variable Accelerating Voltage : 5 Steps (5,10,15,20,30 kV)
Maximum Sample Size : 80mm in Diameter X 35 mm in Height
Sample Traverse: X, Y, (40mm), Z- Direction (0-35mm), 360° Rotation and 0-45° Tilt-axis
Image Format : BMP, JPG, PNG
Auto Image Adjustment Function : Auto Stigmator, Auto Focus, Auto Contrast&Brightness
Dimension: 390(W) x 330(D) x 560(H) mm, 98 kg
                  390(W) x 310(D) x 560(H) mm, 18 kg (Controller)