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Optional Accessories

Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS)

An optional EDS system is capable to be equipped on the SEC Mini-SEM for elemental analysis purpose. The EDS system consists of a high speed liquid nitrogen free Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), which covers the elemental analysis range from Boron (5) to Americium (95). The software enables both qualitative and quantitative analysis on point, area, line scan and mapping mode respectively, including availability of customizable reports.


Backscattered Secondary Electron (BSE) Detector

An optional BSE Detector is also available for purposes such as information of the distribution of phases with differing compositions.

Peltier Cooling Stage

In addition, an optional peltier cooling stage is available for studying fragile and hydrated samples during few minutes without any degradation. The temperature is varied from -35°C to +50°C.

Gold Sputter Machine

An optional gold sputter machine is available for improving the generating efficiency of the secondary electron and preventing from the charge-up of the sample.