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Best for Quality Assurance & Process Control  


  x-supreme8000-benchtop xrf analyzer
Compact, Powerful & Easy to use 

Cover wide range of sample types: Solids, Liquids, Powders, Pestes, Films, etc from ppm to high %, covering element Na (11) to U (92). 


The XRF analyzer X-Supreme8000 offers:  

1. Minimal or No Sample Preparation

No weighing or volumetric measurements

No potentially dangerous chemicals

Non Destructive Analysis


2. Unattended Operation

10 sample positions giving total confidence analytical (high precision, consistent, repeatable) results


3. Rapid results 

Simultaneous multi-element qualitative and quantitative analysis

(Results in seconds !!) 


As Easy As 3 Simple Ways:

Prepare Sample -> Place Sample on tray -> Press Start Key

XSupreme 8000 - 3 simple ways.jpg 

X-Supreme8000 complies with ASTM 4294, ISO8754, ISO20847, ISO13032 test methods.


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