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Nanofiber Production System NEU-302
      Nanofiber Production System, NEU-302 is a complete unit to form ultra-fine fiber with diameter of a few nm to a few micron by the unique method of electrospinning.
     Electrospinning process involves applying a positive high voltage to polymer solution and spraying it on to a target with a negative electric charge. Its most distinctive characteristic is its ability to create nanometer-grade fibers easily from a wide variety of polymers in small amounts.
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  1. Healthcare (Tissue Engineering, Wound Dressing, Drug Delivery)
  2. Energy (Polymer Battery, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell)
  3. Defense & Security (Composite Reinforcement, Chemical & Biological Protective Clothing)
  4. Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering (Affinity Membranes for Protein, Extraction and Water Purification, Sensors)
  • Polymers and composite nanofibers
  • Smooth and pored surface fibers, beaded fibers, and ultrafine fibers
  • Synthetic, Biodegradable and Natural Polymers and Polymer/ Composite Nanofibers
  • Various Fiber Morphology, Fiber Diameter and Fiber Architecture can be controlled 
  • Inert Gas Atmosphere
  • Humidity Control
  • Visual Imaging
  • Trolley