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The CTX is a portable high performance EDXRF in a small, lightweight and sleek, portable configuration. At under 7.5 kg and less than 27 cm high, the CTX is truly portable and takes up very little space on any surface.
TRACER 5i pXRF spectrometer; ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials. Users can also develop their own calibrations with EasyCal PC software for empirical correlations.
Simultaneous or Individual Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
Determination of Diffusible Hydrogen
Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Analyzer
Nanofiber Production System, NEU-302 is a complete unit to form ultra-fine fiber with diameter of a few nm to a few micron by the unique method of electrospinning.
1.50 kg - Lightest XRF analyzer
Ultra Compact Metal Analyzer. - smallest and lightest -
Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis
Analysis Automation for Foundries and Steel Plants
High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis
NEW XFlash 5000 Series with excellent energy resolution down to 123eV
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