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Today, anyone developing a stereomicroscope that sets new standards with its optical system has to work constructively at the very limits of physical feasibility, taking full advantage of every new possibility offered by state-of-the-art optical design. With experience and innovativeness, you don’t have to look any further than the optical systems from Carl Zeiss.

Stemi 305 is your compact stereo microscope with a 5:1 zoom – equally at home in the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor.

Stemi 508 is an amazing compact Greenough stereo microscope invented by Carl Zeiss with 8:1 zoom and apochromatic optics for all lab work and industrial inspection.

Axio Zoom.V16 offers 16x zoom for finest details of your samples, highest resolution and image quality in large fields of view.

SteREO Discovery.V8 captures crisp and brilliant images throughout the whole 8:1 manual zoom range.

With impressive stability and exceptionally large specimen room, SteREO Discovery.V12 is setting new standards in stereomicroscopy – particularly for applications in materials research, quality control, biology and medical research.

SteREO Discovery.V20 with zoom range 20:1 - brilliant three dimensional images with exceptional depth perception.

Stemi 305

Stemi 305 is your compact stereo microscope with a 5:1 zoom – equally at home in the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor. Choose between predefined microscope sets to get the optimal illumination equipment for your applications. Stemi 305 lets you observe samples as they really are: three-dimensional and crisp in contrast – no preparation needed. Enjoy all the advantages of an easy-to-use microscope with integrated LED illumination for reflected and transmitted light – plus fast, easy-to-use documentation. This Greenough microscope will give you crisp 3D impressions, versatile object illumination and easily acquired images to share, whenever you want.
All-In-One Device
Stemi 305 integrates everything you need – various illumination and documentation. This compact Greenough stereo microscope comes without additional boxes and cables - just plug it in and switch it on, that’s it the installation is done. Stemi 305 can easily be operated, even by untrained users. All you have to do is illuminate your object, focus and start snapping images.
Integrated Illumination
Easily select and mix the integrated LED illuminations: near vertical and oblique reflected light, so as transmitted light. White LEDs generate bright light of day­light color, so each image appears crisp and clear. You profit from long lifetimes and low energy consumption. LEDs stay cool and they are noiseless and maintenance free.
Technical Data

Magnification Range: 4x-200x
Maximum Resolution: 200 Lp/mm – 2.5 μm
Zoom Range: 5:1 (0.8x-4.0x)
Interface to Stemi Mount: 76 mm
Maximum object field: 36 mm

  1. Geology
  2. Mineralogy
  3. Material Science

Stemi 508

Stemi 508 is compact, reliable and equipped with optics and mechanics designed for heavy workloads. With the large 36 mm object field, you always keep the overview of your sample. The 8:1 zoom then allows to bring details up to 50× magnification. For larger samples, just add interchangeable optics and observe an area of up to 122 mm, making Stemi 508 a top performer in its class. Stemi 508 offers better ergonomics than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope. The low viewing angle of 35° lets you keep a relaxed posture even after hours of work. With Stemi 508 you observe and document your samples exactly as they are: rich in detail, sharp in focus and free from distortion or color fringes. Stemi 508 is your robust all-rounder for everyday lab work and industrial inspections: accurate, ergonomic – and always easy to use.
Technical Data

Magnification Range: 1.9x-250x
Maximum Resolution: 225 Lp/mm
Zoom Range: 8:1 (0.63x-5.0x)
Interface to Stemi Mount: 76 mm
Maximum object field: 36 mm

  1. Geology
  2. Research
  3. Materialogy
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Axio Zoom.V16

Axio Zoom.V16, the apochromatic on-axis zoom microscope by Carl Zeiss, delivers both high resolution and a zoom range of 16x. With its large working distance and a single objective, you will be zooming seamlessly from large object fields to the smallest detail. Large tile-images at low to medium magnification rates are a special strength, enabling you to enjoy the speed and ease of auto-mated stitching. The objective aperture of Axio Zoom.V16 is big compared to stereomicroscopes and leads to resolution rates that are clearly better, particularly at low to medium magnification. Imaging is a lot faster: Capture images more efficiently and speed up your quantitative analyses.
Zoom between minute detail and large object field
Your Axio Zoom.V16 combines its 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture and large working distance: even at low and medium magnifications you will achieve resolutions up to twice as high as with conventional stereomicroscopes. Don’t waste your time stitching tile-images: now you can image entire components with just a few shots. Work up to four times faster, achieve results in a more effective way and reduce sources of error.
The zoom microscope that is made for your application
Axio Zoom.V16 works with a motor-driven iris so you can select the ideal mode for your application at the touch of a button. Brightness Mode captures your images with the highest possible intensity across the whole zoom area. Use Eyepiece Mode when you want to analyze your samples visually through the Axio Zoom.V16 eyepiece. Zoom from large object fields with a maximum depth of field in high magnifications, achieving the highest possible resolution. In Camera Mode, your Axio Zoom.V16 automatically matches the resolution to the performance of your camera. Throughout the whole zoom range, Axio Zoom.V16 chooses the best ratio between resolution and depth of field.
With Axio Zoom.V16, you have an overview of entire components. Then, magnified 50 times, the geometric architecture of the electrodes becomes visible. You will see details such as the layer thickness of the active material, arresters and separators. Use these detailed insights to draw conclusions about manufacturing defects.
During forensic analyses, examine traces that lie deep in projectile cases. Thanks to the high resolution of your Axio Zoom.V16, you will capture them in every detail. The coaxial incident light minimizes reflections. You can document even the faintest traces with great reliability. Use the software module Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) to produce an image covering the entire thickness of your specimen – EDF processes sharp images full of details out of several focal planes.
Technical Data

Dimensions: 329 mm x 545 mm x 387 mm
Weight: > 22 kg
Illumination Techniques: Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization, Fluorescence
Magnification Range: 3.5x - 412x

  1. Materialography
  2. Forensic Analysis

SteREO Discovery.V8

Improved Stereoscopic Image
With its modular design, SteREO Discovery.V8 offers you superb flexibility. Choose between ergotubes, coaxial illumination, a second observer bridge and intermediate drawing, photo and fluorescence tubes. Benefit from the strong 3D impression of your objects. The parfocal capability of the SteREO Discovery.V8’s 8:1 zoom ensures razor sharp images over the entire magnification range. Selectable click stops allow reproducible measurement.
Your Quality Tool for Quality Assurance
  1. Acquire crisp images without distortion to determine surface characteristics
  2. Profit from excellent 3D impression
  3. Make your work comfortable: define the viewing angle between five to fourty five degrees using the ergo phototube
  4. Digitally measure and record your sample
  5. Freedom of movement with large working distance
  6. Extract maximum information from your sample with variable illumination options
Coaxial Reflected-Light Illuminator S
Use Coaxial Reflected-Light Illuminator S for the observation of smooth, specular surfaces and highly reflective specimens such as polished metal parts and microelectronic devices. The illumination and observation conditions are optimized for the PlanApo S 1.0x objective. For different objectives a lever for switching the fiber light guide position allows you to optimize the illumination.
  1. Homogeneous illumination of large object fields
  2. Light manager for coaxial lighting stabilizes the brightness during zooming
  3. Manual 8:1 zoom
  4. Seamless integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes
  5. Manual or motorized focus
  6. Manual or motorized X-Y stages
  7. Illumination and contrast methods based on cold light or LED
Technical Data

Magnification Range: 3x - 700x
Dimension: 450 mm x 346 mm x 520 mm
Weight: 23.2 kg (51.1 lb)

SteREO Discovery V.12

Brilliance in 3D: Applications using SteREO Discovery.V12
High-contrast images with excellent color reproduction, depth of field, high resolution and spatial. Applications with SteREO Discovery.V12 are convincing evidence of the new standard in optics for powerful stereomicroscopes.
Flexibility: Intelligent interfaces
The modular design of SteREO Discovery.V12, typical of common main objective stereomicroscopes, offers greater flexibility in the selection of components. In addition, intelligent interfaces enable the use of diverse options from the comprehensive illumination and accessory program from Carl Zeiss.
  1. Motorized 12:1 zoom
  2. Seamless integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes
  3. Motorized components for reliable results
  4. Illumination and contrast methods based on cold light or LED
  5. Excellent depth perception even at high magnification levels
  6. Ergonomic and easy operation and control with the optional touch panel SYCOP
Technical Data

Magnification Range: 2.4x - 875x
Dimension: 600 mm x 440 mm x 520 mm
Weight: 32.7 kg (72.1 lb)

SteREO Discovery.V20

Use the 20:1 zoom range to go from largest overview into the smallest details. All optical components deliver brilliant three dimensional images with exceptional depth perception. Precisely choose your optimal magnification or move to user-defined zoom positions with eZoom. Refind your magnification with an accuracy of more than 99 percent! The external touch panel SYCOP controls all essential functions of SteREO Discovery.V20: magnification, focus, contrast, brightness and more.
1A in 3D: Spatial Impression
With SteREO Discovery.V20, higher magnifications can also be realized with smaller lenses thanks to the large zoom range of the microscope body. The smaller stereo angles associated improve the 3D impression of the microscopic image. The result: you remain more relaxed during observation and notice even the smallest details.
  1. Motorized 20:1 zoom
  2. Seamless integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes
  3. Up to 345x total magnification with 10x eyepieces
  4. Maximum resolution of up to 1000 LP/mm with PlanApo S 2.3x objective
  5. Motorized and encoded components for reproducible results
  6. Illumination and contrast methods based on cold light or LED
  7. Ergonomic and easy operation a
Technical Data

Magnification Range: 2.3x - 1312.5x
Dimension: 600 mm x 440 mm x 520 mm
Weight: 32.8 kg (72.3 lb)

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